Flip the Script




For All Baby Butts


Take it to 11


Global Reveal


"Flip the Script"


Our mission was to create a memorable audio theme for Motorola’s new Razr+ smartphone. The “Flip The Script” campaign’s launch film imagined an airport worker inspired by his Razr+ to try on extravagant clothes from passengers’ luggage. Pulled into a world of wild antics and dance moves, he documents the highlights with his Razr+. The client wanted a vibrantly playful film set to an iconic hip hop track. The challenge – recreate the song using Italian vocals and instrumentation.


Once we obtained the necessary publishing clearance of our hero track “Jump Around” by House of Pain, we embarked on an extensive development process. We scouted and auditioned singers from Italy and other regions, collaborated with Italian translators to refine the lyrics, and strategically incorporated moments of language switching between Italian and English. Next, we meticulously re-recorded the cherished track, aiming for both precision and originality. By blending House of Pain’s horns and piano melody with Italian accents such as accordions, we achieved an authentic and refreshing sound. We unified the elements with skillful sound design and mixing. The outcome was a delightfully unique production that exuded the energy and excitement of Motorola’s product, greatly amplifying its launch.



Toyota’s creative concept was a new take on the classic Cinderella story. In the spot, an aspiring designer is told she can’t attend a prestigious fashion show. After picking up a “fairy godmother” friend and some unusual supplies in her Toyota C-HR Crossover, she creates a cutting-edge gown and wows the audience. It’s a story of resilience, determination, and the triumph of dreams over adversity.


For this magical story, Future Perfect recreated the cherished Disney track, “Bippity Boppity Boo!” We captured confident new vocal performances, added buzzing 808 beats, and composed elements to evoke the vibe of the original recording. Then we remixed it all in a fun hip-hop style that retained the original melody, yet had a modern pulse and energy to fit the vibe of Toyota’s new crossover.  The song worked in tandem with the visual storytelling and transported the audience into the world of this modern Cinderella’s dreams.

"For All Baby Butts"


Quality Meats tasked Future Perfect with creating a catchy song to reflect Huggies’ new charming campaign “Baby Butts”.  The concept was to showcase babies of all shapes and sizes moving their butts to a quirky dance track, filmed as a music video.


Given a set of lyrics provided by the agency, Future Perfect composed a playful ear worm of a track before director Keith Schofield began shooting. After recording a catchy, humorous song with an 80’s German techno vibe, we embarked on vocal casting to find the perfect German-accent. In the end, the client and agency were so happy with the final track, that they commissioned a long form version which can be streamed on various DSPs including Spotify and Pandora.

"Take it to 11"


7-Eleven tasked agency 360i with creating a playful spot to promote their new delivery and in-store pick up app. An important feature to the spot would be a sing-along rock track. The story portrays a rock band rehearsing late at night in their garage. The band members are surrounded by iconic 7-Eleven products from slurpees to taquitos, and their song contain lyrics highlighting the app’s convenience for consumers.


The process began with Future Perfect creating multiple songs in a garage punk style and writing original lyrics that focused on key phrases. Once lyrics were locked in, we presented the agency with a “Battle of the Bands” deck, featuring eight imaginary bands with songs in different creative directions. Our song, “Take it to 11” was chosen, and the YIP YOPS, an alternative rock band, was cast to perform it on set. Guided by Future Perfect, the YIP YOPS produced their own unique interpretation of the track, adding depth and authenticity. We managed a seamless collaboration between the agency’s brand vision and the band’s artistic expression to produce a dynamic result.

"Global Reveal"


Mazda envisioned a bold spot to reveal one of its sporty and efficient vehicles, the third generation Atenza J71. While the J71 demonstrated its agility, handling, and power through Skyactiv technology, an iconic track was needed to compliment the product line. A key element would be classical string players featured on camera.


Mazda asked Future Perfect to create a unique rendition of The Kinks’ hit song, “All Day and All of the Night,” using two cellos and minimal additional instrumentation. Our goal was to transform the track into a sparse classical arrangement while retaining the original rock flavor. We took on composition, music direction, sound, and casting for the on-camera talent. Our team supervised the entire performance at the shoot, ensuring that the musicians’ playing was realistic and synchronized. We also collaborated with the editor to give the audio and visuals the most dynamic impact.